Originated in China, ARCFOX focuses on the global landscape. With the brand values of "borderless aesthetics", "humanistic technology" and "Ultimate experience", we connect such souls in every corner of the world: people who have great passion for life, have the courage to dream, and are curious about the world and eager to bring about changes.
Partner Project
ARCFOX adheres to the business principle of win-win cooperation with all partners and is committed to creating a highly competitive marketing network. ARCFOX sincerely welcomes excellent talents and enterprises to join with us.
ARCFOX partner requirements:

1. Operating in good faith and abiding by the law, clear property rights, no criminal record.

2. High sense of identity and confidence in ARCFOX core values and business principles.

3. Own/be able to use the land that meets the requirements of building a store, be able to carry out hardware construction according to ARCFOX hardware construction standards, and prepare necessary equipment and tools.

4. Sufficient cash flow and financing ability.

5. Experience in automobile industry, if not, be able to organize a qualified management team.

Contact information, Network Development Section:
Name:Zhao Guodong
Phone number: 18618353111
Address:East Gate, No.5 Dong Huan Zhong Road, Yizhuang, Daxing District, Beijing
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