Salute to Life
ARCFOX Partners with Beijing International Design Week
Time:2019 - 03 - 04

At the press conference of Beijing international Design Week (BJDW) 2018 on August 23, BAIC Group high-end brand ARCFOX officially became the strategic partner of BJDW. According to the partnership, ARCFOX’s innovative car design concept will be shown at the BJDW 2019 opening ceremony, theme exhibitions, design expo, Classic Design Award ceremony, Beijing Design BBS, Design Tour and other activities. Visitors to BJDW will also have the chance to experience the borderless design of the China's first pure electric GT super car ARCFOX - 7.


As one of the highest-level cultural activities in China, BJDW is a major annual event in Beijing and an important moment for Chinese cultural innovation. The scale and global influence of the event rival that of the Milan International Design Week. Last year, more than 8 million people participated in BJDW and more than 50 million people followed it through a range of media. ARCFOX, with its avant-garde design style and innovative car body design concept, is a leading company in the Chinese automotive industry.


With the trend of global consumption upgrading, design has become an innovative driver of development and reform of in today’s economy.  "Both sides originated in Beijing, and there are many similar traits shared by the two, so the strategic cooperation is a natural fit,” said BAIC New Energy Deputy General Manager and Marketing  General Manager Li Yixiu. “We hope that with our intuitive and easy-to-grasp design concept, the world's top designers and also the general public will be able to feel ARCFOX's strength in design, research and development, manufacturing and other aspects. We hope that the world will be able to better appreciate the design and innovation energy of Chinese independent brands through this event.”

BJDW has gained great popularity in the field of design, and BAIC new energy holds the benchmark position in the domestic and even the global new energy automobile industry. Cooperation is not only a natural fit, but also a result of the solid strengths of both. BJDW provides a platform for more than ten thousand designers from around the world to exchange inspiration and experience. ARCFOX likewise has gathered extensive, successful experience for China's automobile industry design through worldwide exploration and cooperation. Therefore, the two sides have the same strategic goal of promoting the sustainable innovation and development of their respective fields, which also served as a booster for reaching cooperation.

Both sides share a common outlook of regarding design as the soul and always sticking to a forward-looking vision for the future.  "Salute to Life", the theme of this year's design week, also represents the shared concept of the two sides to provide consumers with more excellent driving and life experiences through the creation of fashionable, user-friendly, intelligent innovative design products. 

Regarding the upcoming cooperation, Li Yixiu expressed a desire to continue cooperation with BJDW in the future to carry out brand marketing, to break the boundary between vehicle and design, to interpret ARCFOX’s "Born Free" value, and to jointly explore new ideas while promoting greater exchanges and development in the automobile industry.


During BJDW, ARCFOX-7 will appear as a cross-border product. As a pure electric super car, ARCFOX-7 truly takes the ultimate in design as its mission. With carbon-fiber ultra-lightweight materials and aerodynamic design minimizing wind resistance, it achieves the highest speed of 260km/h and the 0-100km/h acceleration performance of 2.9 seconds.

As the designer of ARCFOX, the former chief designer of Volkswagen Group will lead the design of future ARCFOX models and inject excellent design concepts into the products. During BJDW, ARCFOX designers will also be on the scene to talk about the design concept behind their cars.

In the upcoming BJDW, ARCFOX will take the lead in China's new energy vehicle field with a new outlook, and carry the banner of China's automotive industry design on the international stage.

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