2018 China GT Championship,Debut Show of ARCFOX-7
Time:2019 - 02 - 28

The fourth stop of the 2018 China GT Championship was staged at the Shanghai International Circuit from September 8 to September 9. Fortunately, unlike the rainy weather in qualifying tournament race, this weekend saw cloudy weather which provided a relatively comfortable temperature and dry ground. Led by ARCFOX-7, the world's first all-electric GT super car, the top super cars were set for a fierce competition on the most famous F1 circuit. The audience and fans enjoyed the exciting competition in good weather and experienced the infinite passion and style of motor sport.


Debut on F1 circuit, ultimate performance of ARCFOX-7

This was is the ARCFOX-7's debut on the Shanghai F1 circuit. The F1 circuit is the proving ground of the top supercars, and its undulating road surface and turns make high speed driving extremely difficult. The F1 circuit in Shanghai is known as the most exciting, the most dangerous, the most difficult and the most challenging in the world. It undoubtedly gave ARCFOX - 7 a great test.

However, true ability is shown in real challenges. With its elegant appearance and composed operation, the official pilot car ARCFOX - 7 led Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz AMG, Porsche and Audi cars at full speed. With its linear acceleration and swift turns, ARCFOX - 7 finished with ease, showing a stylish performance worth of the top GT cars.


All of this is due to the excellent performance of ARCFOX-7 itself. In terms of power, ARCFOX-7 has three motors. With the assistance of the intelligent electric drive system, it can produce a maximum power of up to 612 hp and a maximum torque of 1050 NM, guaranteeing the power output. The acceleration time of 100km is only 2.9 seconds, overpowering other top super cars. As a GT supercar, it not only accelerates quickly in a straight line but also runs stably in the turns. In this respect, ARCFOX-7 is equipped with an adjustable suspension system similar to that of an F1 racing car. The double front fork suspension and multilink rear suspension structure effectively ensure the stability of the car body in extreme speed driving. In addition, the ARCFOX-7 body also adopts extremely light but tough carbon-fiber composites, which greatly enhance the body strength and bring an overall improvement in dynamic driving performance. In the race, ARCFOX-7 made the most of these advantages and perfectly completed the leading task on this difficult F1 circuit.


Behind this excellent performance is the pure circuit gene of ARCFOX-7. ARCFOX-7 was created by the High-performance Car Design and Research Center in Barcelona, Spain and QEV (former Campos Racing) company founded by famous former F1 driver Adrian Campos. With technical strength and rich experience in racecar manufacturing, the whole team made ARCFOX-7 extraordinary.

Transcendent aesthetics leads design trend

 ARCFOX-7 led the world’s top supercar by virtue of its extreme performance and is also a fashion leader with "Borderless Design".


With "Born Free" as the core value of the brand, ARCFOX integrates global resources to imbue the product with top design concepts. "Borderless Design" presents an extremely futuristic sense of fashion, as distinct lines outline the elegant shape, and the fabulous scissors doors and sci-fi blue ribbon show the unique charm of this electric supercar.

This innovative "Borderless Design" extends to all aspects of ARCFOX -7. The application of carbon fiber materials, interior design with both practical function and aesthetic beauty and high tech instruments all provide a remarkable leading posture for this vehicle, making ARCFOX - 7 the focus of attention.


ARCFOX - 7 also allowed car fans to experience this "Borderless Design" concept closely through interactive activities such as music, dance and games. These wonderful activities and ARCFOX - 7 left many car fans with a deep impression of the China GT Championship Shanghai station.


From the beginning, ARCFOX-7 has been proud of its track genes and stylish design, representing the eternal passion of the brand, and inspiring ARCFOX-7 to continuously pursue higher goals. The journey of the 2018 China GT Championship is undoubtedly the best trial and proof of its unique genes of "born on the track and galloping in the street". The China GT Championship Shanghai station has come to a close, but in the following finals we are looking forward to seeing more of the legendary performance of ARCFOX-7.

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