BAIC Speeds up the Implementation of “New Energy and Intelligent Electric Vehicles” Strategy by Launching ARCFOX
Time:2019 - 04 - 19

On April 14, 2019, the “Born-Free” ARCFOX Brand Night was held at Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena, where ARCFOX launched the IMC (Intelligent Module Criterion) platform, which is the world’s first 5G-supported commercial platform, and introduced the eco-marketing model based on users’ experience. With the IMC platform, six new ARCFOX models will be launched in the next two years, including two super models (ARCFOX-GT Race edition and ARCFOX-GT Street edition) and four high-performance intelligent models.

After its debut at the Geneva Auto Show, ARCFOX was officially launched in the Chinese market at the ARCFOX Brand Night. The Born-Free ARCFOX presented an extraordinary visual feast for nearly 1,000 guests, including government leaders, industry experts, BAIC partners and media. 


The Three Core Values of the Born-Free ARCFOX Highlight Its Leading Position

Following the development trend of new energy and intelligent electric vehicles, the global automobile industry is undergoing profound changes. This also provides new opportunities for Chinese premium auto brands to make breakthroughs. Mr. Xu Heyi, Chairman of BAIC Group, said, “From the new starting point of high-quality development, BAIC Group will speed up the overall layout of new energy and intelligent electric vehicles, get ready to make breakthroughs, and spare no efforts to create a Chinese premium auto brand in the era of changes.”  

ARCFOX was born free. Based on BAIC’s decade of NEV technology and experience, ARCFOX was launched by gathering the world’s top resources such as Daimler, Magna and Huawei. The official launch of ARCFOX reveals the strong determination of BAIC Group and BAIC BJEV to create premium intelligent NEVs in the future.

As a premium intelligent NEV brand in the pursuit of supreme performance and innovative design, the Born-Free ARCFOX is designed for explorers. At the ARCFOX Brand Night, Mr. Ma Fanglie, General Manager of BAIC BJEV (BAIC BluePark 600733), elaborated on the brand concept and intepreted the core values of “Transcendent Aesthetics”, “Democratic Technology” and “Immersive Experiences”. 


As he said, ARCFOX breaks the convention with the three core values, and creates a human-oriented, environment-friendly and intelligent vehicle, making people’s mobility sustainable, convenient and smart. ARCFOX is committed to becoming the most desirable and vibrant NEV brand. 


Transcendent Aesthetics - Leading the New Trend of Automobile Design

ARCFOX draws on the Scandinavia aesthetics of minimalism, breaks the boundaries of traditional thinking, and leads the new trend of automobile design with “Transcendent Aesthetics”. This design concept is vividly embodied in ARCFOX-GT Race edition, ARCFOX-GT Street editioin and ARCFOX ECF Concept: We have minimized the unnecessary elements of the car, and struck a balance between high performance and perfect design, highlighting the features of Elegant, Free and Nimble.

Equipped with six motors, ARCFOX-GT can accelerate 100km within 2.59 seconds. It adopts sturdy body lines, simplistic but powerful design, fully demonstrating the genes of supercars.


As the first concept car of ARCFOX family. ARCFOX ECF Concept equips with intelligent cockpit and wheelbase of 2,900mm and its mass production models will be a high-quality SUV at L3 level. Thanks to the “Born-Free” design, it has distinctive shape and interiors, and boasts extremely comfortable large space. “X” design language appears sharply in the frontend of ARCFOX ECF Concept, highlighting its distinct family identity. As the famous design master De Silva said, “Born-Free” design endows ARCFOX brand with distinctive personality.


“Transcendent Aesthetics” empowers ARCFOX with an artistic glamour, enables ARCFOX (the nimble “fox” from the “Arctic”) to have a perfect start and sustainable development in the Chinese NEV market. 

Democratic Technology - Creating the First Vehicle with 5G-supported IMC Platform

“Technology facilitates a better future. ARCFOX is dedicated to empowering technology with mildness, sensibility and naturalness and improving the future mobility.” The pursuit of “Democratic Technology” indicates the confidence of BAIC BJEV in its technical strength in the automobile industry. At the ARCFOX Brand Night, Mr. Yu Liguo, Executive Deputy General Manager of BAIC BJEV, officially released the new IMC platform of ARCFOX, which perfectly interprets ARCFOX’s core value of “Democratic Technology”.


The IMC platform has 42 core modules and 127 functional modules, and is featured by Super Extension, Super Intelligence, Super Interaction and Super Evolution. 


In terms of Super Extension, it adopts modular chassis and body structure and standardized all-climate battery package, which can satisfy various ARCFOX vehicles at A0-C Class and achieve mileage of 500-700 km. In terms of Super Intelligence, it is equipped with the world’s first 5G-supported commercial platform and the most powerful chip, with maximum hash rate of 352 TOPs, so that the ARCFOX can achieve autonomous driving technology at L3, L4 or above. In terms of Super Interaction, it adopts multi-modal emotional interaction to cover touch, voice, face, gesture and emotion simultaneously. In addition, the advanced SMART algorithm set and OTA functions provide the IMC platform with higher performance, enabling NEVs to deliver the most cutting-edge user experiences and services. 



It is worth mentioning that, upholding the concept of “Open·Sharing”, the IMC platform aggregates the world’s top partners to create sustained technological advantages. ARCFOX and MB tech have in-depth cooperation on the development, testing, project management and quality control of vehicle body and core components. ARCFOX cooperates with Magna in high-end intelligent manufacturing to ensure high-end quality. ARCFOX and Huawei jointly established the 1873 Davidson Innovation Laboratory to develop intelligent connected technology, and create the integrated experiences that cover people, vehicle and home scenarios.

From appearance to core values, from functions to experiences, from understanding users’ needs to touching people, the IMC platform adopts a series of forward-looking “top-notch technologies” to create new possibilities for intelligent and sustainable mobility.

Immersive Experiences - Making the World Within Our Reach Through Borderless Eco-marketing

Apart from scientific and reasonable “top-level design”, a successful brand is also attributed to innovative marketing breakthroughs, which are particularly important for ARCFOX, a brand-new premium NEV brand.


Mr. Li Yixiu, Deputy General Manager of BAIC BJEV and General Manager of BJEV Sales, shared the “Immersive Experiences” of ARCFOX users. By establishing online real-time communication platform and off-line ARCOX exclusive space, ARCFOX breaks the boundary of space and keeps all-round contacts with users during the whole life cycle of vehicles. By creating ARCFOX CLUB, ARCFOX breaks the boundary of transactions and creates a new lifestyle for middle-class users. By integrating with energy industry, mobility industry, communications and intelligent industry, ARCFOX breaks the ecological boundary, and creates the Vehicle-Value Separation Model, Intelligent Mobility Service Model and Vehicle Safety Interaction Model, making mobility more intelligent and pleasant.

Meanwhile, the “Innovator Alliance of ARCFOX” was established to bring together the users and partners of the Born-Free ARCFOX and create future immersive experiences.

In addition to the eco-marketing model based on users’ experience, ARCFOX’s core value “Immersive Experiences” is well-interpreted at the Brand Night. Through the experience-oriented booth design that covers elements such as mysterious ice land and forest and glacier, as well as VR interactive experience cabin, participants would immediately understand that the spirit of Born-Free ARCFOX.


Taking electric vehicle as a breakthrough point, NEVs are reshaping the competition pattern of global automobile industry. Standing at the centennial crossroads of changes, BAIC Group has taken the initiative to make breakthroughs, adhered to technological innovation and user-oriented thinking, and built the premium NEV brand ARCFOX through innovative eco-marketing model, thereby presenting the “China Solution” that leads future mobility to the world and guiding the development of Chinese independent brands.

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